About Us

Our team will service any type of wood log restoration project brought to us big or small. We offer numerous blasting/cleaning techniques. One of our experienced staff members will advise Client on best-suited procedure with cost efficiency in mind to have the project completed with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

The company began with a passion for wood care, log homes, brad’s years of experience in the industry. We also wanted to provide a customer service experience that no other competitor could provide.

Our guarantee is to complete the project within project timeline and budget while ensuring that our clients are 100% satisfied.

Our Team

Customer service team offering industry experience, client respect, with service excellence standards.



EMAIL:  brad@truenorthrestoration.ca

Brad has an extensive 33 years of log & brick blasting restoration experience.  From replacing logs re-cut new and replaced full logs to mold, fire, cleaning and complete log restoration and replacement.  He feels inspired to bring over thirty years of restoration experience to our new company and is looking forward to serving all of Ontario for all your log and wood restoration and projects.  He can handle all situations!


Project Manager

8+ years experience in the industry. One of the best situational wood troubleshooters the team can depend on. If there is a deadline, Mike will meet it regardless of how many hours him and the team need to work in a day.