Welcome to True North Restoration Solutions Inc.

We're your Ontario wood, log restoration, and repair team offering over 30 years experience to the industry.

What We Offer

Complete wood and log restoration, removing old stain/paint to applying of new stain/paint, repair and replacement of old/damaged/rotted wood or log servicing all residential/commercial needs/projects.

Wood, log, brick and stone, boat blasting and cleaning

From all common mediums, wood/log, brick/stone, paint/stain removal to brick/stone sealing and moisture repair. We also offer different techniques in regards to cleaning and removing stubborn paint and algae to boat bottoms. We are up to all new challenges that may be brought fourth, please don't hesitate to contact us with any project you may have.


Homes, cottages, lodges, chalets, summer homes, winterized Log & wood homes, commercial & Industrial buildings, boats

dry ice blasting ontario

Industrial manufacturing facility cleaning

We will come to your facility and perform a complete cleaning and restoration of your manufacturing equipment using:
dry ice blasting
(food grade eco-friendly).