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How to Refinish Log Home Exterior?

By truenorthrestoration1 | Mar 28, 2023 |
log home refinishing

Log cabins are a Canadian tradition passed down for generations. They are a beautiful representation of Canadian heritage and have locations across the nation. But with time, log homes can begin to look worn and weathered, and they may need some restoration to restore their beauty and durability. One of the most important steps in…

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Can You Restore Painted Brick?

By truenorthrestoration1 | Mar 20, 2023 |
can you restore painted brick

Yes, you can restore painted brick, but the process can be challenging and time-consuming. Before beginning any restoration project, it’s important to assess the condition of the brick. This way, the professionals determine the best course of action. If the painted brick is in good condition with no signs of chipping, peeling or cracking, then…

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Log Homes

By truenorthrestoration1 | Mar 13, 2023 |
Importance of Log Home Maintenance

We understand the importance of preserving the beauty and integrity of log homes. Maintaining log homes need more attention than traditional homes. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring the longevity of log homes. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs, structural damage, and even safety hazards. Importance of Log Home Maintenance: Moisture Damage from Weather…

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How to Restore Brick Exterior?

By truenorthrestoration1 | Mar 7, 2023 |
How to Restore Brick Exterior

Restoring a brick exterior can enhance the appearance and value of your home. The first step in restoring a brick exterior is to clean it with a power washer or a mixture of water and detergent. Next, any damaged bricks need replacing, and cracks in the mortar should be filled with new mortar. If the…

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Chinking for Log Homes

By truenorthrestoration1 | Feb 24, 2023 |
Chinking for Log Homes

Log home chinking is a skill that most log home companies provide. Yet, it is easy to identify a good quality company from the rest. While chinking is an essential part of log home construction, it can also present several challenges for log home companies. Here are some of the difficulties a log home company…

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How Often to Stain a Log Home

By truenorthrestoration1 | Feb 15, 2023 |
how often to stain a log home

The timing of how often to stain a log home can vary. It depends on several factors such as the type of wood, the climate in the area, the quality of the stain, and the amount of exposure to sunlight and moisture. In general, most experts recommend staining a log home every 3-5 years. This…

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Are Log Homes Energy Efficient?

By truenorthrestoration1 | Feb 9, 2023 |

Log homes can be energy efficient if they are designed well. The thickness of the logs provides a high level of insulation. This helps keep the interior of the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Yet, it’s important to seal the gaps and joints between the logs to prevent air infiltration.…

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Port Severn Log Home Restoration

By gemwebbmaster | Jun 16, 2022 |
port severn ontario log home restoration

A Port Severn home with a complete wood restoration of the exterior, and special blasting using our top-notch mold protection. TRUE NORTH RESTORATION is the only restoration company that does this procedure with finish coatings to come in a few weeks’ time. This homeowner wanted a complete high-quality procedure. And that’s why they choose the…

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Log Home Staining and Treatment

By gemwebbmaster | May 20, 2021 |

This is our method of restoring log homes across Ontario that are weathered and tired-looking. First, we Blast with a specialty product that I’ve researched and perfected. Apply a mold treatment and our three coats of sealer!Get In Touch! 519-379-4931 brad@truenorthrestoration.ca

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Log Home Rot Repair

Quality Repair Services for Your Log Home

Log Home Rot Repair | How We Handle the Job

Repairing rot in a log home is a crucial step in maintaining the longevity of the structure. The first step in the repair process is to remove any rotten logs and clean out any debris or loose rot. Next, we treat the affected area with a wood preservative to prevent further rotting. We aim to kill any remaining bacteria or fungi that may spread throughout the home. Once the preservative has dried, we fill the area with a wood filler designed for use in log homes. The filler is smoothed and shaped to match the surrounding logs, and dried before any further work. We use a high-quality log home sealant to protect it from the elements and to prevent future rot. Our log home repair near me process is extensive. But we have dominated the log home repair industry for decades because of our great results.


Log Home Renovations For You

What are Common Repairs for Log Homes?

Aging Logs

If your home is experiencing wear and tear, it may be time for repairs. Before you invest in a new log home, let us inspect if there are ways to restore it. Our team specializes in looking for imperfections so that you can have a safe home.

Molding / Rotting

Rotting is a common problem in log homes. The wood used in the construction of the home is prone to decay and deterioration over time. Log homes are particularly susceptible to rot if they are not properly maintained. Moisture can seep into the logs can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Wood Chinking

It helps improve the home's energy efficiency by reducing the amount of air infiltration and drafts. This leads to lower heating and cooling costs. Wood chinking helps to protect the home from the elements. We ensure your home handles rain, snow, and wind well over time.

How Can We Renovate Your Log Home?

Log home renovations can be a great way to update an older home and to add value and functionality to the space. There are many types of renovations for a log home, depending on the needs of the client. Common renovations include updating the kitchen, bathroom, deck, or patio. In larger log homes, the finishing of the basement to create more living space is an option too. Many log home maintenance employees add energy-efficient features. These consist of new windows or insulation to help reduce their energy costs and improve home performance. Regardless of the specific renovations, it is important to choose our team. We understand efficient processes to completing log home renovations. With all our experience, we've dealt with the challenges of working with log homes. If you need any log maintenance services, give us a call!