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Media Blasting for Log Homes

Mold cleaning in log homes can be a challenging task. It is difficult to reaching all areas of the logs that may need a cleaning. It is important to address mold growth as soon as possible. Mold can cause health problems and structural damage to the home. To clean mold from log homes, the affected area needs a mixture of water and mold-killing solution. Our company provides the best mold solution out of any company across the country. We also treat the logs with a sealant to protect against future mold growth. We know the danger of mold exposure and know the best way to remove it.

Media Blasting

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Sand Blast Media Process

Clean Logs

Cleaning the logs removes any dirt, debris, and stains. This is achieved through using a pressure washer or by hand using a scrub brush, and a cleaning solution.

Repair Damaged Logs

Next, repair or replace any damaged or rotten logs. This may involve chinking, which is the process of filling gaps between logs with a special sealant. Once the logs are in good condition, they can be sanded to smooth out any rough or uneven areas.

Treat Logs

Finally, treat the logs with a finish, such as a wood preservative or a wood stain. This protects them from the elements and give them a desired colour. Also, this increased log home longevity for the homeowner.

Sand Blast Media Prices | Pricing Our Services

There are several factors that can impact the price of a log home. One of the biggest factors is the type and quality of the logs used to construct the home. High-quality cut logs from old-growth trees will be more expensive than logs from younger trees. This is something we note during our pricing for repair or replacement services. The size and design of the log home can also affect its price. If you have damaged or rotting logs, we need to inspect the situation. This way, we determine the labour, material, and time to tackle the job. In summary, the pricing system has many influential factors. Call us to discuss true north log home service prices.

Media Blasting