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Wood refinishing is a critical process for log homes as they are particularly susceptible to damage. Log homes are made of wood, and wood is a natural material that requires regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Refinishing wood involves removing old finishes, repairing any damages, sanding, log home staining. Also, it includes applying a new finish to the wood to protect it from further damage. Log homes are often exposed to the elements, and refinishing the wood can help to protect the home. This service is common to log home owners that haven't renovated their home in a long time. Our service can give the home a fresh new look and improve its curb appeal. As a log home restoration company, providing wood refinishing services is essential to extending the life of your home.

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Restore Old Wood

Benefits of Our Refinishing Services


This service prevents the need for new wood to be cut down and processed. Instead, refinishing of the log home helps to conserve natural resources and reduce the environmental impact of the home.

Better Air Quality

We can also improve the indoor air quality of a log home. Old finishes, stains, and paints can emit harmful chemicals and fumes into the air. Refinishing can remove these harmful substances and promote healthier air quality in the home.

Customized Home

This service also allows for customization options. Homeowners can choose from a variety of finishes, stains, and colours to suit their personal style. This makes the log home unique and customized to their liking.

Wood Refinishing Near Me

Investing in our services in Ontario is a great move for future log home owners. Log homes always need maintenance to keep in good condition. Over time, the wood of a log home can become damaged and worn due to exposure to environmental factors. Refinishing a log home can protect it from further damage and extend its lifespan. Our team ensuring that your home is in the best condition and can last longer than expectations. By seeking out wood refinishing near me services in Ontario, your home will be in the best condition for the future. Our team protects your home and ensures healthy wood for your home.

wood refinishing near me

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Ontario Wood Refinishing Services

Wood restoration for log homes Ontario is an essential process to maintain the funcitonality of log homes. They are frequently exposed to harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. Over time there's bound to be rotting decay of the logs. Wood restoration services for log homes typically involve a thorough cleaning and inspection of the logs to identify any damage or stains. This is followed by the application of specialized wood cleaners and conditioners to remove any unwanted dirt. If necessary, the logs may also be media blasted to remove any stains. Once the logs are cleaned and restored, they may be treated with a protective stain or sealant to prevent future damage. A professional wood restoration service can ensure that the log home has a long life.

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