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Masonry Restoration | What Do We Handle?

Restoration is important for many reasons. First, it helps to preserve the structural integrity of a masonry structure. After a while, masonry materials damage from harsh weather, age, or other factors. If these damages are ignored, the structure can become weakened and unsafe. Masonry restoration helps repair and reinforce the structure. Repairs lead to ensuring that the structure or surface is durable. Our services help make the structure look brand new once again. This can be important for historical or architectural purposes. Finally, this restoration helps prevent future damage and prolong the life of the structure. Our masonry restoration service is for maintaining the appearance, and longevity of structures.


Masonry Restoration Services

Common Masonry Repair Requests


Masonry structures may develop cracks due to a variety of reasons. These include thermal expansion and contraction, water infiltration, and soil movement. These cracks can weaken the structure and may lead to further damage.


This is a condition in which the surface of a masonry structure begins to flake or peel away. This can be caused by freeze-thaw cycles, water infiltration, or the use of improper mortar.

Water Damage

Water infiltration is a common issue with masonry structures. It can cause damage to the bricks, mortar, and foundation. Repairs may involve sealing cracks, replacing damaged bricks, or installing a waterproofing system.

Masonry Repairs in Ontario

Masonry repair is the process of restoring a structure made of masonry materials. such as brick, stone, or concrete. These repairs may be necessary due to damage from weather, age, or other factors. The first step in a masonry repair project is to assess the damage. From there, we determine the appropriate course of action. From there, we remove and replace damaged masonry units. Sometimes we need to reinforce the structure with materials to prevent future damage. More extensive repairs result in repointing or rebuilding portions of the structure. It is important to call us with your masonry repair requests. Discussing the details on the phone give us a good idea what is required on our end.