dry ice blasting ontario

Our Commercial / Industrial Services

From the moment we visit your facility, we will make recommendations for best-fit industrial dry ice blasting.  It's a fact that contaminants from typical media blasting create a lot of dust and mess.

We take pride in educating all our clients as to what procedure need to be applied for the best results.

Benefits of Our Moisture Free Process:

  • Dry ice sublimates upon contact
  • It's non-conductive
  • safe for electrical applications
  • Won't damage sensitive industrial parts or production equipment

Type of Applications Offered:

  1. Dry Ice
  2. Garnet
  3. Glass (different grades)
  4. Soda
  5. Power Blast
Speak to our highly specialized Ontario Dry Ice Cleaning team today!

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning with dry ice, complete food grade, no residue/mess, eco friendly.


Historical Building Restoration

Bricks and stone cleaning, sealing, paint removal, graffiti removal.


Full Service

We provide all stain/color samples on site as well as provide test blasts with before and after to show different blast procedures results.